All Iowa and Wisconsin football fans are gearing up for the Iowa versus Wisconsin football game this Saturday!  What a perfect time to highlight our Hawkeye and Badger capabilities.  We have a vast range of capabilities located across these two states.


Across Iowa we have numerous capabilities. Let’s start with printing. At Colorfx & Rock Communications printing is our specialty. We do it better, faster and with more attention to detail than our competitors. We don’t take this statement lightly; we know it deep down. At all of our printing locations we eat, sleep, and breathe print production from the start to the very finish. Across Iowa we have four printing locations housing the highest quality sheet-fed, heat set web, and offset printing presses. Our digital equipment allows for unique, creative, and flexible personalization options for our customers. We also have the technology and equipment to accommodate projects that require the most challenging binding and finishing solutions.


We could talk more about our printing knowledge and capabilities, but we have made our point.  Moving on within Iowa to Mittera. Mittera Creative Services houses the collision of design, digital, and data. Design: Our design team is where our creative side is at its best!  We’ve built a team that develops high-quality creative content of any size and scope—and we have the resources to drive full-scale marketing campaigns while also delivering fresh, clean, and inspiring design.  Digital: We specialize in crafting ideal user experiences across the web, from responsive websites and mobile applications to social media and online advertising. Data: The power of big data gives our customers a big advantage in the marketplace.


Wisconsin continues the trend in upping our print production game with J. B. Kenehan.  J.B. Kenehan offers full-service, sheet-fed and web printing experts with an exceptional focus on print science. They house perfect binding capabilities as well as on-site data processing and mail verification.


At Mittera Group, our Iowa and Wisconsin teams are well positioned to help our customers define and execute optimal content strategies!


-Kristin Damitz, Marketing Coordinator

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